Gaia Orion has gained international recognition by receiving awards of excellence from Manhattan Arts International, a review from New York art critic Jill Conner and by participating in many worldwide projects that are working toward constructive world change.

She has exhibited internationally in France, Spain, Mexico, the U.S.A and Canada with a recent solo show in Paris, France.

Gaia Orion’s prints, cards, and/or jewelry with her images, are being sold in over 80 stores, galleries and museums in Canada, United States, France, Spain and the U.K.

Her artwork has been featured in close to 50 different publications in Canada, USA, France, UK, Taiwan and China, with 11 cover pages and numerous articles and interviews. As well, she is the illustrator for the Reiki News and New Moon Girls magazines in U.S.A, Rêves de Femmes publication in France and also is a contributor for We’Moon date book and calendar.

Gaia was selected with 50 other artists worldwide to be part of Les Arts de l’Eveil (Arts of Awakening). This association from France represents the movement of conscious change within the arts and has as a mission to bring beauty, joy and meaning to the lives of people and society. http://www.artsdeleveil.net

In 2012, Gaia was interviewed for the book and filmed documentary “Un Nouveau Monde En Marche” (Toward A New World). The book was written by the French fair trade company Alter Eco in collaboration with Gandhi International. She is one of the 25 interviewees with other main personalities of French politics, economy, ecology, philosophy and arts. For more info click here

In 2010, she was chosen as one of 144 visionary artists from across the world for the Galactik Collector’s Cards. This global arts initiative by Delvin Solkinson, (manager-editor of Alex Grey’s Cosm Magazine) is a collection of art cards that celebrates the spirit of world inspired imagination and artists. Other great artists that are part of this project are Ernst Fuchs, Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, Amanda Sage, Daniel Mirante, Brigid Marlin, Lukas Kandl, etc… elvism.squarespace.com

Gaia originally hails from Paris, France, where she studied and graduated with honours as an architect from Ecole des Beaux Arts in 1997. She is also an entrepreneur: co-founder of Sprouts For Life (a certified organic sprout business) and The Funky Clothesline (a successful line of hand-dyed and painted clothing). Gaia, along with her husband and three children, reside north of Toronto (Ontario, Canada).

With her creativity she has found her way of sharing and connecting deeply with people. Focusing on living a simple and healthy life allows Gaia the time and space to be sensitive and express the inspiration that arises.

For more information visit: www.artbygaia.com

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